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Mission Statement

Our mission is to plant, grow, and sustain small learning groups to invigorate lean leadership.


Five Core Principles of

Monthly Huddles

Free consistent 
monthly huddles.


Open to anyone interested in learning about lean leadership, operational excellence, and continuous improvement.


Huddles are peer-led, in a rotating fashion, with consistent, regular hosts.


Always humble, uplifting, and encouraging.


Huddles will end with shared learnings and gratitude.

Values + Behaviors = Serious Joy

Are you ready to get serious about joyfully solving problems? We strive to empower each other through our shared knowledge, networks, and resources to learn and grow. We get uncomfortable and support each other in our quest to improve ourselves, our teams, and our enterprises. We disrupt the status quo – we joyfully pursue perfect processes. We keep striving! We keep smiling!

Listen and Learn so we can Lead through Lean with Love

We strive to provide an atmosphere of love, support, and encouragement at our huddles for learning about lean leadership, operational excellence, and continuous improvement. We maintain an environment of trust and openness so that everyone can contribute ideas freely without fear of judgement or criticism.




Do you want to learn and help others in their leadership journey?

Do you want to join the collaborative?

5L Nebraska Lean Leadership Collaborative is a community of people that want to learn and grow together through shared knowledge and resources. Fill out the information here and get connected with the 5L community.

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